Café Impact Viewers Talk About Social Change How-To Videos

Judge for yourself, but here is what Café Impact viewers are saying about our how-to videos by social entrepreneurs:

“These videos are so poignant for this moment in my life.”

“When you see the videos, you see the passion. It’s better than reading about social entrepreneurship.”

“I should have watched the videos sooner! Felt like a kick in the ass inspirationally.”

“I was feeling pretty down today about my work. These videos picked me up.”

“a refreshing perspective on the sector, no bullshit.”

“I ended up re-watching like 10 videos.”

“The videos are really a huge comfort and extremely, extremely true.”

“What an incredible resource!!!!”

“People are lucky to have this available to them as they brainstorm ideas for possible career paths…”

“I really enjoyed watching them. As someone early on in my career, I found the advice very valuable.”

“We are using your videos to help us make decisions on our own social enterprise!”

“I just viewed your videos. I was so impressed with the insights that I had to connect with you to tell you how much I appreciated them.”

“Videos are a great wake up call.”

“Interview dialogue is smart, witty and meaningful.”

“I’m just about to…start my first real job-search, and your site has already been such a great resource…”

“Very honest answers with good, challenging questions.”

“Really liked… the casualness of these interviews.”

“Learned a lot even from such a short clip.”

“I like that the videos…make it easy to take a quick break from your day and watch one…”

“…here in the Bay Area while watching the interviews and contemplating the next step in my life and career.”

“I’m watching your videos, and am completely blown away.”

“…if you’re truly interested in working in the social sector then these are really the center of it.”

“I thought the videos were really cool and very helpful…”

“I loved how the videos are both inspiring but also so authentic.”

“It was ‘real’, not fake or scripted.”

“It was conversational and didn’t paint a false image of the social entrepreneur.”

About Jonathan C. Lewis

Host/Founder, iOnPoverty

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