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Café Impact is democratizing access to careers of conscience.  Want to hear the heart of it?  Read Journey for Justice.

Awesome social change agents give you the nitty-gritty career-building skills you need to get started changing the world.  Check out powerful on-camera insights about the real challenges all social entrepreneurs face.  “Truth serum for social entrepreneurs,” says one viewer.

With Akaya Windwood 2

Judge for yourself, but other Café Impact viewers find the videos useful, compelling and at points inspiring:

  • “I’m watching your videos, and am completely blown away. Your words, wisdom and insight are and will be extremely influential and have a major impact on so many.”
  • “…I can’t wait for more!  I have watched them ALL. 2 words: Priceless advice!!!!
  • “I was so impressed with the insights that I had to connect with you to tell you how much I appreciated them.”
  • “For somebody such as myself,…if you’re truly interested in working in the social sector then these are really the center of it.  Anyways I thought the videos were really cool and very helpful…”
  • “Lewis was an engaging interviewer; it was “real”, not fake/scripted.  It was conversational and didn’t paint a false image of the social entrepreneur.”
  • I am so inspired!  The goals and ambitions of the people interviewed are really motivating and make me really want to do something — like volunteer for a local nonprofit or start an organization — get involved somehow.”
  • “Warm regards from the other side of the world (Dubai):  Just wanted to say thank you so much for producing and sharing the awesome Cafe Impact videos!  I love watching them; always so many valuable insights to be gleaned!  Keep ’em coming.”
  • “First of all, awesome!!!  Great idea.  This is a great project and will raise the profiles of the real heroes (talk show host included).   We need this to be featured on mainstream TV…special weekly segment on a major news outlet.
  • “Greetings from Jerusalem!  I want to connect with you to thank you for the videos on Café Impact.  I have been inspired by…them and have used then as the basis of some reflections….”
  • “I absolutely love the videos you’ve created here.  The production quality is fantastic, the guests you’ve selected are insightful/entertaining, the topics are things that I think are relevant to me, and the fact that these videos are short makes them easily digestible and easy to share with friends.”

Café Impact’s first season of 30 how-to social change videos by 20 social entrepreneurs are filmed.  We’d love to film seasons two and three, but we’re out of money.  In the interim, we are using the videos in Jonathan’s Social Entrepreneurship Clinic.