Jonathan C. Lewis is the Founder of MCE Social Capital, an innovative social venture that leverages $110 million of private capital to make tiny business loans to deeply impoverished people, mostly women, in 30 developing countries. Jonathan is also Founder and President of the Opportunity Collaboration, a strategic business retreat and economic justice networking summit for 450 senior level anti-poverty leaders. In addition, Jonathan is the Founder/Host of Cafe Impact, which produces online videos about social entrepreneurship careers. He co-founded Copia Global, a consumer catalog serving the base of the economic pyramid in rural Kenya. Finally, Jonathan teaches a graduate course Making Social Entrepreneurship Happen at New York University. He is currently writing a book about social justice, social change and social entrepreneurship.

In addition, Jonathan serves as a General Partner of Dev Equity (social impact investment fund focused on Latin America) and has served as a Member of the Board of Directors of Everyone Counts (social enterprise using the Internet to assure safe and secure elections around the world). He is a recipient of the Social Venture Network Innovation Award.

In his eclectic entrepreneurial career, Jonathan has served as the founder/CEO of a global business knowledge company, Chief Budget Adviser to the President of the California State Senate, founder/CEO of an urban real estate investment company and founder/owner of a contemporary art gallery. He is on a search to find the tastiest, most fun hot dog stand in the world.

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  1. I was just wondering something about u

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  4. I am already excited about being in your class at NYU this fall. Thank you so much for introducing yourself Professor Lewis!

  5. you are changing lives in Kenya. Together we can ! Yes we can.

  6. Naftali Andati Wambalo

    That is awesome,founding such firms is bringing positive change,really wish to meet You Sir(Jonathan C Lewis)

  7. Naftali Andati Wambalo

    I am Kenyan living in Nairobi kenya,i kindly request that you be my business mentor.

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