Opportunity Collaboration

President/Founder, Opportunity Collaboration

The Opportunity Collaboration — a four-day strategic retreat on World Poverty Day — is not a traditional conference.  Every Delegate is asked to be both a learner and a contributor.  No reports; everything occurs by virtue of participating on site.

Some details which might be useful because none of us can afford to waste our time:

1 – Laser-focused business retreat on poverty alleviation and economic justice.  This working meeting is an event unlike any other that you have attended.  No panels, no plenary speeches, no powerpoints.  Sessions are conversations and dialogues among peers.

2 – A networking event.  No synthetic admonitions against touting your own passion, work, institutional priority or partnership opportunity.

3 – Delegates are diversified and balanced among 350 foundation trustees and executives, social investors, innovative nonprofit leaders, policy thought leaders and social entrepreneurs from around the world.  See the 2013 Delegate Roster.  Fellowships are available, although the selection process is highly competitive.

4 – We are agnostic about domestic vs. international poverty alleviation models, for-profit vs. nonprofit, policy vs. entrepreneurship, but we are fervent about recruiting Delegates who are strong leaders who appreciate leverage and sustainability, and who are unafraid to think outside traditional silos and their own operating models.

The Opportunity Collaboration is a platform predicated on the powerful idea that out of fragmentation can come collaboration, from diversity can come unity and from cross-fertilization can come innovation.  The power of collaboration does not presume a single outcome.  Rather, it draws its power from the conviction that people of good will forge their own solutions plus uncover new alliances to combine and leverage resources.

The next gathering is in Ixtapa, Mexico, October 12-17, 2014.  The Delegate all-inclusive registration fee includes ALL on-site costs, including 5 nights lodging, 3 meals per day, airport pickup/return, Internet, leadership colloquium, policy discussions, Delegate-led seminars, all recreational facilities, all networking programs and gratuities.  Family members (yes, kids too) are encouraged to accompany Delegates.  The only other necessary expense is airfare.  Click here to begin the application process.

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